Praise for BLVD Company

Industry professionals and clients who work with Boulevard Company agents see a difference in service:

Despite working in a highly competitive business, the agents at The Boulevard Company freely share their knowledge and experiences to help each other. As a result of this team atmosphere, every agent is more prepared to better serve his or her clients.

Howard Arnoff

Agent since December 2013

The Boulevard Company makes it EASY for an me to succeed as an agent.  Our energetic leadership and culture is based on cooperation, not competition, with support easy to find when needed.  In addition, the FULL 100% commission helps me to be MORE profitable.

Chris Avera

Boulevard Company Agent, Listings In Motion Photography

The Boulevard Company attracts top notch professionals who encourage and support each other.

Stephanie Davis

Agent since October 2013

I have been so blessed to be part of The Boulevard Team.  I have learned more about real estate in the 6 months that I have been here than I did in 3 years at my previous brokerage.   I am so grateful for a broker who makes time for his agents and owners who care so much about making their agents successful not for their own benefit, but because they truly want their agents to reap the benefits of hard work and success. Thank you for giving so much of your time and effort to create such a warm family environment at The Boulevard.  I am happy to call it home.

Melissa Schatz

Agent since February 2016

The Boulevard Company is a fabulous place to work because I’m given the freedom to run my business as I see fit.  There is no other real estate company like it!

Kelley Wynne

Agent since July 2015

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